Warning: Cardio Striptease may also improve your (private) life.

Cardio Striptease delivers an electrifying cardiovascular workout to the world of fitness! Jeff Costa’s re-invention of fitness dance brought the sensual arts of striptease and seduction, chair dancing and pole dancing, out of the shadows and into the daylight with the help of health club trend-setter, Crunch Fitness. The perfect marriage of exercise and dance, Cardio Striptease provides a safe environment for participants to get in touch with their “inner stripper” while sweating to the most cutting-edge pop music and dancing to free-flowing and innovative choreography.

For 2012, Cardio Striptease has partnered with Kellogg’s Latin America to bring the gift of health and fitness straight to you at home. Find Jeff’s four brand new Cardio Striptease home exercise DVDs in over 2.5 million boxes of Special K cereal across 9 Spanish-speaking countries! New workouts include CST Sexy Dance, CST Chair Dance, CST Sexy Pilates and CST Sexy Abs. Just look for the Special K cereal with Jeff’s picture on the box!!

There is a popular side effect to practicing Cardio Striptease. When we learn to love ourselves and strip off the layers of clothes and inhibitions, when we build our physical and emotional bodies with confidence and compassion; this becomes our path to excellent living, this is our way to optimal health, this is personal empowerment and this . . . this is the best lifestyle ever!

CARDIO STRIPTEASE is an addictive class. More than a tough workout, this class helps break down our many body image issues, helps unleash our sexuality, and leaves us feeling completely empowered and alive! – Brentwood Magazine