“The body will behave like the miracle it is intended to be when we put the right nutrients into it.” 
- Dr. Ina Nozek, Isagenix Clinical Nutritionist

“Kick start” your fitness & wellness program by releasing fat and losing inches.
As a healthy-lifestyle coach, Jeff has partnered with the industry’s leading Nutritional Supplement company to bring the best, organic, kosher, gluten-free, affordable and delicious nutritional cleansing products delivered straight to your front door!

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Isagenix is now the world’s leader in nutritional cleansing, developing products that have transformed people’s bodies and lifestyles around the world. The nutritional cleansing system targets both nutritional deficiency as well as toxicity (at the cellular level) by delivering high grade organic nutrition while cleansing the body of unwanted chemicals, toxins and impurities. We recommend purchasing the 30 day system, begin by following the 9 day deep cleansing schedule to kick start fat loss and follow through with 20 days of shakes to break old habits and achieve a new system of nutritional maintenance.

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Jeff Costa Fitness - Cleanse Days : 30 Day Cheat Sheet

Cleanse Days