Cardio Striptease -

Jeff’s signature Master Class has brought sexy back to group exercise! Cardio Striptease is an addictive workout that was named “the artistic step-sister to stripping” by TIME Magazine. Regardless of your age, shape, size or fitness level, Cardio Striptease will release the stripper in you!
Warning: Cardio Striptease may also improve your (private) life!

Pole Dance Fitness Theater -

When was the last time you really enjoyed your workout? Then put down the weights and get off the treadmill. Today’s hottest trend in fitness is a dance-based, suspension-training program utilizing your own body weight for resistance . . . its called Pole Dance Fitness Theater! The dancer’s pole isn’t just for professionals anymore, so take your Cardio Striptease choreography vertical, with strength, sex appeal and style!

Chair Dance Fitness Theater -

Jeff brings you an electrifying new cardiovascular workout through the fusion of striptease aerobics with the erotic art of the lap dance! Take your Cardio Striptease moves and “show me how you burlesque” during Jeff’s latest class concept to ignite sexy fitness at the gym and in your life.

Sexy Abs -

To effectively train toward that sexy “washboard” appearance, Jeff’s class will challenge your core muscles with exercise variations, progressions, postures and equipment. With expert verbal and visual cueing of the core anatomy, alignment and proper body mechanics, you will learn “the reason behind the movement” and train your body smarter to both see and feel the results.

The Hollywood Workout -

Focused on functional integrative movement in an interval-training class format, The Hollywood Workout pairs the energy of classic boot camp with contemporary studio movement and music, safe and effective progressions and motivational cueing of form and technique. Jeff’s energy and attention to form will inspire you to train with greater enthusiasm, self-awareness and all-out fun!

Sunrise BootCamp -

Wake up your body with Jeff Costa’s Sunrise Boot Camp! Catering to participants of all fitness levels, this moderate paced yet challenging workout begins with 15 minutes of stretch and alignment, followed by 30 minutes of peripheral heart training intervals, and 15 minutes of core-specific strengthening. “Awaken, and empower what lies within!”