Jeff Costa Fitness Yoga

Sunrise Yoga

Wake up with equal parts energy and alignment harnessing the power of your own breath coordinated with movement. Sunrise Yoga offers you exercise variations that will synchronize your inhalation/exhalation with postures targeting strength, endurance, balance and flexibility finishing with a short meditation. Begin your day with renewed confidence and greater mental clarity.

Heated Core Yoga

Heated Core Yoga is based upon the principles of traditional yoga while introducing fluidity of movement and breath in a moderately heated studio. Beginning with centering and gentle warm up exercises, this class builds progressively with postures that lengthen and tone all the major muscle groups with special attention on core. Modifications and props are incorporated to support alignment, progression and integration

Deep Stretch Yoga

Deep Stretch Yoga is a restorative experience. Class begins with simple warm up exercises and progresses to Sun Salutations mixed with sustained postures targeting flexibility of specific muscle groups in and around the hips, spine, shoulders, chest and legs. Rely on the resource of your breath to compassionately relax and detoxify your body, releasing congested energy, lengthening muscles, and improving overall range of motion.

Private and Small Group Yoga for Men and Women By Appointment!